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this is mentalism dvd


Rich Ferguson is een Pokerspeler, Goochelaar en Mentalist. Op deze dvd leert hij hoe u deze drie disciplines kan combineren om een nog betere Entertainer te worden! Alle trucs worden met dagelijkse voorwerpen uitgevoerd.

trucs die hij u leert zijn:

Force a bottom card through “visualization” using crime scene type methodology.
• Teaches psychological timing
• Teaches a “marker”, a total reframing technique.
• 100% impromptu, Instant reset/No reset required.

Borrow a phone or calculator (Using an IPhone is SWEET) to get prediction to appear.
• The explanation reveals several ideas with numbers (like knowing someone’s Social Security # )
• Added “Math Wiz” trick by letting others test YOU. Great additional trick!
• 100% impromptu, Instant reset/No reset required as you “set this up” in front of them.

You can draw anything they draw
• 100% impromptu
• It takes a couple minutes and you are set for years.
• Instant reset/No reset required.

Use your business card to reveal a chosen word in ANY borrowed book, newspaper, brochure, etc.
• Worth the DVD alone. This is something I showed Brad last year and he sat right up… I repeated it and he flipped. I WAS going to keep this or marketed it separate, but I think this DVD needed/deserved it. You will get freaking miles out it.
• 100% impromptu after you spend literally 15 seconds to make it. Once made, you easily carry it in your wallet behind other business cards. I’m not kidding when I say this will make people flip.
• Instant reset/No reset required as it is “fixed” essentially automatically when putting it away.


Figure out a spectator selected word in ANY BORROWED BOOK.
• 100% impromptu� borrowed book, anytime, no set up.
• Instant reset/No reset required.

Brand new way to gain a peek at a selected card while they are being sprung from one hand to another.
• Extremely undetectable and leaves no room for suspicion.
• 100% impromptu Instant reset/No reset required.

They pick and deal. You always win….always.
• Even let them switch cards.
• 100% impromptu Instant reset/No reset required.

Spectator guessed numbers on a grid start to add up to a merely thought of number. In every which way imaginable.
• Spectators have a hard time comprehending this.
• Only capable by a Nasa supercomputer.
• 100% impromptu Instant reset/No reset required.


Use a SECURITY SEALED envelope in extremely clever and new way.
• Use them “right out of magazines” or offices, etc.
• 100% impromptu.
• Instant reset/No reset required
• In a street magic method this is the only effect on here with prep IF you want to go there.


Stop a spectators watch just by using static electricity or just by touching a pressure point on their body.
• 100% impromptu.
• Instant reset/No reset required.


Out of THEIR OWN POCKET they pull an APPEARANCE of a prediction with THEIR signature on it. Powerful.
• Based on the Out to Lunch principle in a clever new way using a business card.
• 100% impromptu once you set this up.
• Takes a couple seconds to reset.


Ease of setup and reset is gold. You do NOT have to go buy anything extra.

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